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A dialysis clinic was being removed from the existing hospital campus to accommodate other needed services. Since there were no other vacant medical buildings in the area, TWINSTEPS architecture was hired to design a new Dialysis Clinic from the ground up. Due to a number of site restrictions the building would need to be 2-story to provide for the functionality of the clinic the clinic’s needs.  This adaptation to the site and the clinic’s needs would require the building to be non-combustible, fire-rated, and fully sprinklered. The PD Clinic, RO Equipment Room and the rest of the support space was located on the first floor while the 40 stations Dialysis Clinic was located on the second floor. This was the first project constructed with the new client prototype developed with the cooperation of OSHPD and TWINSTEPS architecture.


Davita Anaheim La Palma Dialysis


Anaheim, CA



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